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Wood & Steel Window Restoration

Wood & Steel Window Restoration

The original windows are an essential part of the look, charm and authenticity of any historic building. Your original wood or steel windows (AKA Double Hung Windows or Casement Windows) were originally hand crafted out of quality materials by the craftsman of a past era; they are durable and never go out of style.  With proper maintenance, these windows could last indefinitely! However after decades of neglect, beautiful original windows often are painted shut and not working — or worse, are rotting, rusting, drafty and falling apart.

Imagine opening your windows with two fingers instead of needing both arms and your back! Almost all windows of this era opened fully, allowing you to quickly and efficiently cool and “air out” your house. These windows can also be weather stripped and insulated to improve their energy efficiency.

We focus on whole house window restorations and have experience in a wide range of methods, varying from basic functionality adjustments to complete removal and restoration. Here are some examples of our scope of work:

  • Functionality adjustment at meeting rail, stop, and size adjustments to allow ease of fit and operation
  • Addition of interlocking or bulb weather stripping to minimize air filtration
  • Complete restoration by removing sashes to strip, repair, glaze, and re-install with fit adjustments

Find answers to some of the most frequently asked window questions at the National Trust for Historic Preservation website.

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