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The Texas White House, LBJ Ranch

LBJ Ranch, The Texas White House

Located on the LBJ Ranch, the Texas White House was originally built in 1894 by William "Polecat" Meier. Frank and Clarence Martin, the President's aunt and uncle, bought the house in 1909 and completed some additions to the house. In 1951 the Johnson' bought the home and made a number of additions, including bedrooms and an office. Politicians and leaders from around the world visited during the Johnson Administration, and so it became known as the Texas White House. It was donated to the National Park Service in 1972, and officially opened for tours to the public in 2008.

We began the restoration of the original windows in August 2015 and completed the restoration in December 2015.  The windows vary in design - some are from the 1890s, some from the early 1900s and some from the 1950/60s.  These windows needed full restoration and weather stripping.  We treat window restoration like furniture restoration - very careful and meticulous paint, glazing and glass removal, preserving all original wood and other window parts.  Profiles are cleaned of paint and brought back as close as possible to their original look.  Glass is reinstalled with glazing in the traditional way and glazing is carefully hand painted for longevity and a crisp, clean look.   The scope of work for this project was window restoration and preservation.   Designing superior weatherstripping solutions for the different window types was also a very high priority due to the historic contents of the house.

This is a video documentary of our work at the LBJ "Texas White House" from early 2016.

LBJ Texas White House Window Restoration